Product of: Information

Ever wondered where the product REALLY comes from?

How about when you see... Made in (insert country name here) from local and imported ingredients... or Made in Australia with at least (insert number)% Australian ingredients... Ever wonders where the rest of the product is actually from? (I know I have when I see in the supermarket a chunk of roasted HAM, that is 56% Australian product?!?!? How?)

I know I have, that is why this site came into existence, because there is not enough truthful facts in the labels still!

Keep coming back, we hope to have some good articles and products with real country of origins details.

We also hope to have a barcode search for when shopping, you can look up details on a product you may be considering buying for the first time on impulse and want to know what the countries of origin of ALL of the ingredients are.

'Till we see you again, stay safe.

In the mean time, check out Food Standards Australia New Zealand